My name is Kimberly Mengshoel. I am originally from Florida, married to a Norwegian, and together we have 3 practically grown children. We reside in Lillehammer, Norway where I own and manage Lillehammer Yoga Shala.


I have been practicing Yoga for over twenty years. During these years my practice has grown from purely physical to something more mindful and spiritual. Through the science of Yoga I have become less concerned with bettering my body, and more concerned with the consequences of my decisions and behaviours. This awakening has made me hungry for more knowledge, more understanding, and more balance by making me more aware of my surroundings, thoughts, actions, and reactions.  To feed this hunger, I practice more, with as many teachers as possible, and I meditate.


 This silent practice combined with daily physical practice has proven beneficial to me personally by increasing my quality of life both physically and mentally. Sharing my practice has become a passion.

 When teaching, I apply new information and techniques learned from my own practice as well as from my respected  teachers  in order to help students gain a better experience from their Yoga practice. Yoga is for everyone. All it takes is practice and patience.


I did not have the opportunity to practice with Shiri K. Pattabhi Jois, but I devote my practice to his lineage. It is a ancient river of teachings that flow to an ocean of wisdom. The more I practice, the more I understand and respect this tradition. The Ashtanga Yoga tradition.


My teachers:

R. Sharath  Jois

David Swenson

Tim Feldmann 

Kino McGregor



I am a Experienced Certified Master Yoga Teacher and Yoga Alliance registered. My personal practice is dedicated to Ashtanga Yoga's traditional style. I share my  Hatha, Yin, and  Ashtanga Yoga knowledge and experience with emphasis on alignment, patience and safety for injury prevention.

Lillehammer Yoga Shala is a SAFE PLACE.

I sincerely hope to meet you on the mat.