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 My name is Kimberly Mengshoel. I am originally from Florida, married to a Norwegian, and together we have 3  grown children. We reside in Lillehammer, Norway where I own and manage LYS (Lillehammer Yoga Shala).


I have been practicing Yoga for over twenty years and enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge with anyone genuinely interested in learning Yoga.

When teaching, I apply safe, learnable techniques from my own practice, as well as what I have learned from my respected teachers all of whom come from the Traditional Ashtanga lineage, Mysore, India. Yoga is for everyone. All it takes is practice and patience.


I did not have the opportunity to practice with Shiri K. Pattabhi Jois, and do not condone his behaviour, but I devote my practice to his lineage. It is a ancient river of teachings that flow to an ocean of wisdom. The more I practice, the more I understand and respect this tradition. The Ashtanga Yoga tradition.


My teachers:

R. Sharath  Jois

David Swenson

Tim Feldmann 

Kino McGregor



I am a Experienced Certified Master Yoga Teacher with over 2000 Teacher Training Hours, as well as a Yoga Alliance registered teacher and school. My personal practice is dedicated to Ashtanga Yoga's traditional style. I share my  Hatha, Yin, and  Ashtanga Yoga knowledge and experience with emphasis on alignment, patience and safety for injury prevention.

Lillehammer Yoga Shala is a SAFE PLACE. I speak both English and Norwegian.



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