Course Pricing

Space is limited.

You must be registered to guarantee a spot.

Drop-in Class Kr.200 (60 min) Kr.250 (90 min)

Punch Card Cost is Kr.150 per 60 minutes

10 Punch Card for 60 min classes Kr.1500

10 Punch Card for 90 min classes Kr.2250

Register for 3 or more classes and the cost is Kr.100 per 60 min


MYSORE STUDENTS registering for 3 or more Mysore classes per week may purchase an unlimited Mysore Style Pass for 350Kr./week Passes expire week of intent and can not be used other dates like Punch cards.

Unused punches can be used in other classes/courses if space is available.

Private Lesson Kr.1500 per 60 min

(can be split amongst up to 8 people)

Events taught outside of LYS Kr.3000/hr plus commute if outside Lillehammer, overnighting/meals if applicable.

Do you have a group coming to town? Contact me and I will set up a Pop UP Yoga class so you can avoid private lesson fees.

PM Kimberly Mengshoel via Messenger or text 47883810

for questions and or registration